Global Auto Systems Ltd.'s Digital Health Uganda division conducts health innovations research and development. It aims to overhaul Uganda's healthcare system using cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, 3D printing, and blockchain to enhance patient outcomes while lowering overall healthcare costs. The design thinking methodology is used at Digital Health Uganda to create and build solutions for our end users. We take the time to get to know the individuals for whom we are designing the goods or services, which enables us to watch them and feel empathy for them.

Our Mission

To simplify and automate hospital, clinical data, and disease management throughout the continuum of patient care

Our Vision

To improve health and welfare on the continent by 2050 and become the premier and trustworthy provider of digital health solutions.

Our Services

Digital Health Re-imagined with emerging technologies!!

Medical Equipment

We have a team of dedicated Biomedical engineers with vast experience in medical equipment repair and maintenance.

Mobile and E-Health

We provide digital health applications using both Mobile and web-based technologies to support health care along the continuum of patient care.


Medical equipment spare parts o PPES including face shields and face masks. Anatomy toolkit to support medical education


We provide digital tools to support medical research, clinical trials and data driven health innovations, research and development.

Our Products

Digital Health Re-imagined with emerging technologies!!


A next generation AI and data driven hospital management digital platform that provides a digital and streamlined hospital, clinical data and disease management in resource constrained areas


An integrated oncology information management platform provideing a digital flow to oncology with automated clerking, protocol management, cancer diagnosis, and telemedicine support


An AI empowered integrated cervical cancer management platform, will revolutionize cervical cancer management in Uganda. It uses cutting-edge technology to better track patients and diagnoses


RPTS is a refill patient tracking and disease management tool used by pharmacies and other drug shops. In addition to patients tracking, the platform supports drug inventory and dispensing management.


3DIY is a digital health manufacturing hub accelerating health care innovations through local production. The portal links 3D printing enthusiasts to 3D printing facilities and resources to accelerate local production


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